Music Literacy

Welcome!  Whether you are new to learning music, or a veteran musician wanting to develop new skills, these free online courses are for you!

Here you can learn to read notes on a staff, discover all about scales, chords and intervals, and much more. 

So click on one of the courses below to get started!
Music Literacy

Have you ever wanted to learn music?  Do you sing or play an instrument, and have just never learned to read?

This course will take you through the basics of reading notes on a staff, identifying pitches and understanding rhythms, so that you can take these principles and apply them to the instrument of your choice.

Basic Music Theory

This course will help you build a foundational understanding of the structure of music through the study of scales, key signatures, intervals and chords.  An excellent resource for anyone wanting to learn to play from lead sheets, or simply to improve their overall musicianship skills.