Vinglyph is a phonetic writing system modeled after the Ayeri Ornament Script by Carston Becker, modified and adapted for English.  In particular:

Latin Vin IPA Example Latin Vin IPA Example
p p p pen b b b ball
t t t to d d d dog
k k k kite g g g get
ch c chip j j just
f f f fox v v v very
th T θ think th H ð this
s s s sew z z z zoo
sh S ʃ she zh Z ʒ azure
l l l last r r r run
y y j yes w w w will
h h h heart m m m man
n n n no ng N ŋ song
  Short Long Diphthong-ɪ Diphthong-ʊ
Latin Vin IPA Example Vin IPA Example Vin IPA Example Vin IPA Example
a a æ at, can A ɑ, ɔ father, all Y eye, aisle W out, now
e e ɛ end, bet E e, eɪ eight, ale    
i i ɪ if, sit I i eat, pizza    
o o ə, ʌ oven, up O o, oʊ open, note P ɔɪ oil, joy  
u u ʊ hook, should U u flute, spoon    
Vowel Combinations with R
Vin IPA Example Vin IPA Example
B ɑr are, star G ær arrow, marriage
C ɪər ear, iridescent J ɛr air, errand, spare
D ɔr or, soar K ɜr fir, earn, urgent
F ʊr poor, tour  
1 1 6 6
2 2 7 7
3 3 8 8
4 4 9 9
5 5 0 0
period . comma ,
question mark ? exclamation point !
colon : semicolon ;
left double quote right double quote
dollar sign $ percent %


The following consonants may be inverted:  /t/ t, /d/ d, /tʃ/ c, /dʒ/ j, /f/ f, /v/ v, /θ/ T, /ð/ H, /s/ s, /z/ z, /ʃ/ S, /ʒ/ Z, /m/ m, /n/ n, and /ŋ/ N.  When two or more consonants from this set appear in succession, each alternate consonant is inverted, as in the words “and” I or “against” M.

Sample Text

The following example illustrates a passage of text transcribed into Vinglyph.

A B C D E F,
G H I J!
A K L M D N,
O P Q R S T U,
I V W O S X Y Z.
a b c d b e
f B g h D B i!
B j k l, m I n,
o p q I r D N.
P k s f c d t u v,
p w x P y z 1.
A c d 2 Y 3 F,
G H I J!

Let the children of God rejoice,
both now and forevermore!
Let them sing songs of praise,
for He has given us life everlasting,
and laid up for us treasure in Heaven.
Blessed are those who are called
to the marriage supper of the Lamb!
The Lord is good, gracious and pure,
crowned with beauty and worthy of praise.
He is near to those who call on Him,
with tender compassion He hears their prayer.
Let those who trust in Christ rejoice,
both now and forevermore!

Love that is not free is not love.