Cat Fence: New House
Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Everything in its time, yes?  Putting up the cat fence was something I'd planned to do within the first two weeks of moving in.  But I suppose priorities have a way of setting themselves sometimes.  In any case, yesterday I finally submitted a request to get the owners' permission to put up the fence.  Hopefully we should hear back by the end of the week.  Then we can go take down the netting and stanchions from our previous place of sojourn, and reinstall them in our new location.

I let the cats out this afternoon, and watched over them as they enjoyed the yard (occupation: cat herder).  They seemed more relaxed than their typical morning frenzy.  Could be the warm day.  At times, they were all just lounging on the patio in the shade.  That was nice; I grabbed the Redlands Shakespeare Festival seat cushion we acquired recently and sat out there with them, enjoying the cool breeze.  It would be nice to pick up couple lounge chairs at Lowe's — they have some comfortable inexpensive ones there.  Then, with the cat fence up, it will be very pleasant sitting on the patio and letting the kitties play in the yard.  There's even a tree for them to climb — we'll have to secure it with netting to make sure they can't use the branches to jump over the fence or get up onto the roof.

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— John 8:23-24