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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My sister is trying to win a ticket to the Tumbleweed Houses workshop to learn how to build her own home.  In addition, she would win a DVD on construction and plans to the house. Yay! So please vote for her!

Go to:
Look for "Vote for your favorite by clicking here" and click on that link.  Then vote for Cypress 20.  The other two houses are on permanent foundations, her design is on a 20 ft trailer!!

On the website, they show the plans in 3D, but shown above is another view that demonstrates she put more thought into than shows in the 3D rendering. For some reason, not all items can be rendered in 3D, so the design looks incomplete in 3D.

There's really lots of cool stuff in her design. There is a sleeping loft above the kitchen area, and the sofa is actually a sofabed. The contest was to take their plans and design it for your own use, but the limitations of their 3D modeler limited the design to interior design. But it looks nice, doesn't it? The table in what they call the "Great Room" will fold down and out of the way, but currently has a cool retro superhero phone on it (hehe). The red chair is a folding chair which also can be stored out of the way. And in the kitchen, I even put safety first: it has a fire extinguisher! Of the three finalists, hers is the only Cypress 20. You'll recognize it by the sofabed flanked by two plants and the rug designs too.

Thank you for your help!!

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