Take 3
Saturday, April 21, 2012

Okay, so, this is my third web design in 4 months.  Looks a bit like the original design, because I decided that I liked the original palatte better.  I find that I'm not very good a picking out colors!  This time, though, I think the darker background makes the site less monochromatic than the original.

The only thing I really changed this time around was the style sheet, plus restructuring the home page a little bit.  Feedback on the last design indicated that it was more desirable to see the latest entry in full on the home page rather than having to follow a link to it, which I think is reasonable for a blog.  All the adaptive and other layout elements of the most recent design have been preserved, so, on the whole, it was a pretty minor change.

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In the beginning there were either particles or the Logos. If you start with particles and just rearrange them according to physical law, you won’t get mind. If you start with Logos, you already have mind.
— J.P. Moreland
Argument from Consciousness