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Saturday, September 17, 2011



Show furigana

Some nifty things (and one not-so-nifty):

I found a good Japanese font to use for the iPad:  it's called "Hiragino Mincho ProN".  It took me a while to track down that information, but I was very pleased when I did.  For the Mac desktop, the font name is "Hiragino Mincho Pro".  I'm using "MS Mincho" as the default.

If you're viewing this on Firefox, you're missing out.  Try Chrome, IE, or Safari.  I have a bit of javascript that lets you show or hide the furigana... rendered with ruby tags.  Firefox, however, doesn't seem to want to apply the display property to RT tags, which was disappointing.

Lastly, I've posted vocabulary, grammar and kanji for Genki Chapter 15.

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