Japanese Vocabulary
Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm all about sharing.  One of the challenges in learning any new language is the acquisition of vocabulary.  This can seem an imposing and unmanageable task unless one takes a systematic and progressive approach.  This where where textbooks come in handy:  learning a set of words one chapter at a time.

So, since I'm taking a Japanese class this semeseter, I figured I'd create an application to track vocabulary per chapter, with a corresponding flashcard utility.  I'll be needing to learn this material anyway, and I'm posting it on my site in case I happen to have any classmates who would like to use this as a study aid... or for any others who may happen to be using the same book.

I've entered the vocabulary for the first 3 chapters (plus introduction), and will add new chapters as we progress through the class.

The vocabulary tool is located here.

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